Here’s to the Health Junkies: 5 Fitness Gadgets to Give you a Healthy Head Start

A handful of futuristic fitness gadgets will never do your cardio workout for you. However, they’ll certainly innovate your workout experience and speed up results. As technology progresses, fitness gadgets become smarter and smaller. Thus, you can wear them with ease while keeping track of your fitness level.

However, with so many fitness gadgets and activity trackers available in the market these days, it’s somehow tough and challenging to differentiate the good gadgets and the unnecessary ones. For a little help, listed below are five fitness gadgets that will give you a healthy head start.

Moov HR Burn

If you have been going on the same monotonous and sluggish thirty-minute jog, with the help of the Moov HR Burn it’ll surely blast you out of that routine. It integrates an alternative method of exercise called HIIT or high-intensity interval training. Though it can’t make your workout less difficult, it’ll make them a lot of fun.

This device is a chest strap that connects wirelessly to a mobile application that guides and talks to you in real time all throughout four indoor-exercise tutorials, including indoor cycling and outdoor runs. The Moov HR Burn scans your heart rate to examine or to find out of you are working hard.

If you’re working hard enough, Moov’s coach will congratulate you by saying “You are doing great!”, If not, Moov’s coach will gladly scold you. By using this kind of fitness device, even if you think that you can’t do it anymore, Moov’s witty communication will motivate you to keep going.

Furthermore, there’s a swim-friendly option that allows you to place the device inside Moov’s silicone swimming canister. As such, if you plan to go swimming, this device will be able to gather reliable and well-founded heart rate data. With regards to its battery life, presume for a battery life that’ll last for a maximum of one week if you do not have hardcore sessions.

Whoop Strap

The Whoop Strap, at first glance, looks a lot like any other activity trackers that can monitor one’s heart rate. However, the only difference of this wristband from other activity trackers is how it leverages the data or information it gathers that’ll tell you what to do.


It can give you a huge amount of data based on your performance day and night. Whoop Strap has five sensors that gather an enormous amount of data per second, this fitness device gobbles at least 100 megabytes of data per person, per day.

Once Whoop’s collected all the vital statistics like sleep latency and heart rate variability, this device will provide users three unit of measures to assess themselves against sleep, recovery, and strain. However, regardless of all that enlightenment, Whoop Strap’s power and tenacity are in its simplicity.

The wristband itself is shockingly simple, with a device that’ll fit or suit on the skin. A such, it’ll be much easier to wear this fitness gadget against the arm. Plus the straps come in many different styles and colours at a very affordable price.

Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition

The Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition is wireless earbuds that can track your heart rate and pairs wirelessly through Bluetooth to connect to a mobile application that guides and trains you throughout your workouts or runs. Aside from that, you can also listen to podcasts or music from your smartphone and get GPS directions though Jabra Drive.

This device is the first of its own since it has an automatic VO2 Max Measurement. This feature allows you to measure your overall performance for the day, oxygen intake, and so on while giving you the luxury to listen to your favourite tracks. You can also know how long it’ll take for you to finish your distance, helping you to progress on your time.


Muse headband allows you to monitor your brainwaves to help you relax and meditate, telling you when you have successfully calmed your mind. Yes, it’s not a form of exercise. However, it’s a pleasing application for wearables.

Once you’ve quieted your mind, you’ll hear birds tweeting through a mobile application. If you get distracted or disturbed, you’ll hear the rumbling of thunder and storms. The Muse headband is a cool fitness gadget if you’ve wanted to meditate and relax for a very long time.

It also helps you to reduce stress and boost your concentration. With the help of this headband, it’ll improve or develop your brain’s flexibility. Thus, you’ll learn how to change your mental activities to match what you are physically doing, like focusing on work or relaxing once you get home.

Fitness Genes

Of course, all of us has different body shapes and sizes. With that said, shouldn’t your exercises and meals be tailor-made only to you? That is what Fitness Genes can give you. All you have to do is give them a specimen of your spit, and they will give you a  customized nutrition and fitness plan.

The Fitness Genes will extract or draw out your DNA from your saliva. Once the analysis is complete, you’ll get an email for which you can see your results. You can also luxuriate in your inner science nerd by analyzing over the striking points of your genetic profile or by easily sticking to your training plan.


These days, exercising or working out has never been this fun and easy. Now, many fitness gadgets will help you make the best out of your training sessions. Fitness gadgets from Moov HR Burn to Whoop Strap to Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition to Muse headband to Fitness Genes, you can easily monitor your health progress and at the same time have fun. Be sure to scour any online stores like Deal Wiki to get these products at the best price.