Learn about Tiffany, Bezel and Chanel setting engagement rings

Tiffany setting and Bezel setting are simple and worldly settings that enhance the beauty of the diamond. Engagement ring stores in Toronto have varied collection of rings with tiffany and bezel setting.

Tiffany setting engagement ring:

  • This setting highlights the stone as the stone is raised high.
  • This setting has 6 prongs which hold the stone. The prongs are spaced evenly around the stone.
  • Because of the simple band, you can resize the engagement rings Toronto whenever it is required.

Advantages of tiffany mount:

  • Since the stone / diamond used are raised, it magnifies the light reflection and results in sparkling stone.
  • Any shape of diamond or stone can be mounted using tiffany setting.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • Tiffany mount is classy and will always be in trend.
  • Six prong settings make the stone / diamond to be fixed tightly and securely.

Disadvantages of tiffany mount:

  • If the prongs are raised then there are chances of the prong to get stuck in clothes or hair.
  • It’s advisable to get the prongs checked to see it is not loose.


Bezel setting engagement ring:

  • Bezel setting rings are recommended if you have an active lifestyle.
  • In this type of setting the circumference of stone or diamond is wrapped with a metal which holds the stone securely.
  • This type of setting is the better option; it protects the stone or diamond than any other types like prong etc.
  • In this type of setting you won’t be experiencing the problem of the setting getting stuck to clothes or hair.

Advantages of bezel mount:

  • Protects the stone or diamond more than any other type of settings
  • Offers a polished and trendy look
  • This type of setting is easy to clean
  • Maintenance is also easy, as you need not get your settings tested for looseness.
  • Stones like opal, turquoise etc are softer stones. Bezel mount helps in protecting softer stones from scratches.

Disadvantages of bezel mount:

  • This type of mount is bit expensive.
  • When compared with prong setting, bezel mount covers the diamond and hides it.
  • Brilliance and sparkling of stone is less when compared with prong setting


Channel setting engagement ring:

  • Smaller diamonds or stones are arranged closely in a channel between the bands of the ring. This adds glamour to your ring.
  • Channel setting engagement can be either the metal band with smaller diamonds or a stone fitted to the channel or a larger diamond is placed and the centre and smaller diamonds covers both sides of the diamond.

Advantages of channel mount:

  • It holds the stones or diamonds securely, which makes them safe.
  • Enhances the glamour of the ring with side stones in the band.
  • Since the stones or diamonds are placed in a channel, it is not easy for the stones to come out or fall.


Disadvantages of channel mount:

  • Dust or dirt can easily enter the channels and it takes effort in maintaining and cleaning.
  • Resizing the ring is difficult.

Engagement ring stores in Toronto have the best, glamorous and unique collection of rings with all types of settings.