Vietnam Visa: 3 ways to obtain for Australian citizens

Australians required Visa to visit Vietnam for any purpose like tourist or business for any amount of time 1 month or 3 months or 6 months or 1 year. Visa extension is also possible in case they need to stay longer. There are 3 convenient and easy ways to obtain Vietnam embassy Canberra. The requirement to obtain in all 3 ways is to have a valid passport which is having at least 6 months validity. Few country citizens are given visa for 1 year too. The extension process is same for any traveller once the visa got expired. For a valid visa, a passport which has validity at least 6 months validity is required.

Visa by mail

The online form duly filled by choosing English language needs to be taken printout. It should be signed and photos to be attached as requested in the application. Visa fees needs to be paid by cheque in the name of “EMBASSY OF VIETNAM”. One return envelope and original Australian passport need to be enclosed as visa is to be returned in mail. In some circumstances an Australian citizen can request loose-leaf visa. In this case a copy of the passport is sufficed.

The mailing service to be chosen properly which has proper tracking numbers so that the application can be tracked. This whole process takes 5 business days after embassy receives the application which could take 2 business days to get visa approval letter.

Visa Online

The Vietnam visa Canberra application can be filled online. The payment link will be sent to the mail address and it will be a secured payment.  After 5 Business days, the visa approval letter is sanctioned.

Visa in person

The visa can be applied at any of the two Vietnam Embassies in Australia one in Canberra and one in New South Wales. It is easier and cheapest way to get a Vietnam visa. It should be applied 6 months prior to departure. The original passport and 2 photos are required along with processing fee payment. There are 3 types of services like Normal processing , urgent and super urgent services in which visa is approved in 2 working days, 1 day or within 4 hours of application. This is a traditional way to get the visa.

Visa on arrival

This process is suitable for only passengers travelling by air. Visa on Arrival is issued at all Vietnam international airports to Australian citizens in 3 simple steps. Just go online and submit the application by making payment via secured network. The visa approval letter will be issued with duly stamped at any international airport Immigration desk. This is the visa process much easier and less time consuming though a bit costly.

The details filling in the application form should be same as the details in passport. The passport should have validity more than 6 months than date of arrival. Visa requires 2 latest photos taken at most 6 months ago.  The Vietnam visa for Australians became very easy and it just needs internet connection with a computer or a smart phone.