Winstrol helps in enhancing the strength, power as well as endurance of the person. This is mostly used by athletes and used by many women as well as men for cutting. It helps one is achieving lean mass and burns the fat. Determining the dosage without any side effects is a challenging task for many. Winstrol is popular steroid in bodybuilding industry. This is an anabolic steroid which is used by bodybuilders for boosting their results. This steroid is commonly known as stanozolol and is available only with prescription. If a person is looking to purchase this steroid without prescription, then he may have to look for underground and black market. Winsol is an alternative for Winstrol and is legal to use. It also helps in cutting and achieve quality muscles along with sculptured physic. This supplement can be used by both men and women.

Dosage for Winstrol

The dosage of this drug is totally trial and error. The dosage generally depends on the form of the drug and this is available either in the form of tablet or injection. It also depends on the milligram strength of the form of the drug. When using Winstrol, the users look for optimal benefits with very less side effects. When using winstrol in physicians supervision, they look for the age, weight, gender and the health parameters, diet and lifestyle and accordingly they suggest the dosage. The usage and the instructions are generally followed from different boards. As each person’s body react differently and the metabolism is different the dosage must be considered accordingly, looking at the body reactions. For medical usage, the dosage which is give is 2mg and this must be taken orally for three times a day and it can be extended upto 6mg sometimes. Bodybuilders use it at 15mg-25mg each day and in cycles. When taken in injection form, the dosage is 50mg injection and it must be given for every two or three weeks. Click here to read the prescribing guidelines for Winstrol.

Dosage for bodybuilders

The dosage for bodybuilders is generally 75mg for three days and few inject at 50mg per day. While this dosage is extreme for nonmedical use and it leads to many side effects and reactions. But when winstrol is used carefully, it does not lead to sideeffects.

Half-life of Winstrol

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid and has half-life of five hours and this is taken orally and the injectable form has 24hours half-life. The half-life also depends on the weight, age and health condition. When the half-life is long, the benefits of the drug are also long. The users must remember that the dosage must not be suggested randomly as it leads to side effects and a person needs experience to determine the dosage. When winstrol is taken at high dose, it effects the liver and its function. The dosage can trigger the mood and LDL and HDL profiles. Many changes are seen in the body as this is an anabolic steroid. Pregnant women and breast feeding women must avoid using winstrol as it causes adverse reactions.