How to Write a Master’s Dissertation Proposal

The master’s dissertation proposal is basically a check list to ensure that you include just everything what is needed for writing a dissertation. It is an outline that will provide the foundation for the dissertation you are going to write. This is the reason why you need to know how to write a master’s dissertation proposal. You can learn it by going to different websites over the webs. One of such popular website is It not only provides you the efficient dissertation services, but also guides you regarding the aspects of writing a wonderful dissertation.

Tips to Write Master’s Dissertation Proposal

A master’s dissertation proposal has its own style to be written. You must keep few basic tips in mind while writing it. It must be well researched and well written. You must not forget to include the necessary elements in this proposal. Here are some tips to write it in an awesome manner.

Topic, Summary & Abstract

It is very important for you to choose the topic that is in the line with your research question and you should also include a summary on the topic. Your abstract is the summary for what you have in your proposal. Your abstract must be clear to the point and should also showcase the purpose of dissertation you are going to write.

Table of Contents

You must include it even if you want to change it later. The proposal section should be included with a short snippet about each section. The reader should be able to understand what your dissertation will be containing.

Literature Review

It is basically the comprehensive analysis of your research on the dissertation topic. Here, you will be giving the summary of each review citing the references of the information. The literature reviews must contain the peer-reviewed references from different reputable sources.

Research Methodology

In this particular section, you need to explain about the research tools, instruments, and methods that you will be using or have used for collecting the research data. You need to address the limitation of your study and give the reasons for your methodology choices.

Research Timeline

It includes a specific timeline schedule for the completion of your Master’s dissertation. You can explain this using the Gantt Chart.


In the end, the conclusion should summarize the pertinent information mentioned in the proposal including the summary, topic, major points of dissertation, research limitations and findings.