Different levels in kayaking lessons in Barrie

It can be overwhelming at first to get the paddling or kayak lessons from happypaddling Barrie. However, with the right instructor, you will not have to worry. He will take you through the course step by step. It is the task of the instructor to build the right confidence in you to undertake the kayaking. But, you need to learn that there are several levels while you enroll for kayaking and you can gradually improve. The better informed you are about the levels, you will be able to train yourself better.

With the availability of different types of Kayaks, it has become imperative to have some previous experience so that you can enjoy the waters better. Here are different levels within the kayaking lessons:


This kayak lesson is specifically for the ones who have no background in any kind of water activities or sports. The instructors will help you start with this craft. Every basic thing pertaining to the kayaking will be covered in detail. You will be informed about the different pockets within the same water body so that you understand how to paddle where. Different strokes have to be employed in flat and moving water. Only the instructors at the kayaking lessons in Barrie will help you learn the different techniques so that you are skilled enough handle the kayaks. In simpler words, you will be made comfortable with the process of handling your kayak with confidence. Even if you have no experience in this field, you will be guided well with very detailed instructions. The duration for the novice courses would be around 8 hours to a day depending on your capacity to pick up the skill.

Level One:

When you have some basic training in kayaking, you can go for this one. This level will help you hone and polish your skills in the same. You can learn to paddle or kayak on your own amidst the trained one. It is in this level where you will be educated about the boat, necessary equipment, paddles etc. Furthermore, you will be tutored on how to use the available resources for getting the best kayaking experience. At the level one training of kayak lessons you will be thoroughly briefed about navigation and judgment, seamanship, journeying, lifting the kayak for fitting with a skirt. More importantly, you will be trained the most crucial skill rescue, shore, unassisted re-entry, communication, signaling etc. Depending on your skills and expertise, this level can take somewhere around 2 days to polish.

Intermediate and Expert Level:

These kayaking lessons in Barrie are specifically meant for the ones who are proficient in kayaking and have ample experience with the waters. This course targets to improve your fundamental knowledge about kayaking and bring finesse in your skills. In order to cover all the topics in depth, the course might span over few days to a week. For this, you might be tested for the practical knowledge and only then accepted for the training. Ultimately, it is about how well you pick up and you incorporate the lesson in your practice.