Complete Procedure for Clinical Surgery on Pets

It’s funny when someone tells you they are taking their pets for surgery right? Well, at pet vet clinic, various surgical procedures are carried out on pets. They vary from the simple type of surgical procedures to the more complex ones. The veterinarians apply the same safety precautions used when performing surgery to human beings. It involves an anesthetic plan to ensure your pets safe. The process is done on clean environment similar to that of the person during surgical operations. During the procedures, registered veterinary officers as well as a monitoring machine help in monitoring the condition of your pets. Such ranges from blood pressure, warmth, respiratory and heart rate. Our esteemed staff always pays close attention to your pet during the recovery period and attends to the necessary needs of those times.

The offered surgical procedures

When you take a walk in an animal hospital, different services as provided including the surgery processes. The methods are divided into three broad categories namely: neurosurgery, orthopedic and soft tissues surgery. In most cases, veterinary surgeons are the ones responsible for advanced operations. The minor incisions and fractures can, however, be carried out by the general veterinarians. The types of services offered in the veterinarian clinics include:

  • Fracture
  • Removal of anal sac
  • Oral and dental surgery
  • Head ostectomy
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Repair if soft tissues such as tumor and lump removal
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Abscess repair
  • spay and neuter
  • Patellar luxation among others

Fractures in pets

Veterinarians qualified for treatment and repair of joints, muscles and bones get the most work as they treat many pets with those conditions. Most times, it involves incision to enable the patellar move in the outward direction. After the orthopedic procedure, your pet can be discharged within a few days depending on the method. The process is dependent on the type of surgery performed and the age of the pet. Puppies usually take around two months or less to completely heal. The healing process is crucial for pets as it is for humans. Exercises can be done to speed up recovering. For example, the pets can be taken for short walks, exercise lap sitting but less active activities. Climbing to higher levels and jumping should be avoided at all costs as they can cause more damage.

Repairing a fracture

When you walk in an animal hospital with your fractured pet, emergency to stabilize the condition is given. The surgeons then use radiographs to determine the extent of the fracture and recommend the proper fixation for that. It is done at the veterinarian clinics following corrective measure be it a simple or a complicated displaced fracture.

Did you know delayed surgical procedures can cause more harm to your pet? Visit our website to learn more about animal surgery and make an inquiry about your pets. We are here to serve you in any way possible.