Female wedding roles

,,Yesfinally “or ,,Oh do we have to?” Let’s pass on the YES thing, which means you should be pretty optimistic! Not because you are naive but because statistics say so and www.serliandsiroan.com agrees.Those who have a pessimisticapproach to things have to survive them twice and marriage is the highlight of the things that need to be accessed by an abnormal dose of optimism. It is important how you will experience this amazing day. Wedding!

Nowadays wise girlsthink of their weddings as walking down the red carpet at the Cannes Festival while she plays the lead role in that scene. It is great to think of your wedding like that, but make sure you don’t get disappointed later. Remember that there are other female roles in that scene and they are important too. And regardless of the scenery they appear on every wedding. For the wedding to be as it should, and make everyone satisfied, perhaps, it will not bad for you to go through all the female characters and their character assignments.

Bride! What is expected:

First, it would be good to show maturity to your own wedding and to clarify all those imposed traditional habitsthat exist almost everywhere. So do notget pathetic to fall for something similar like: sadness and overwhelmingbecause you will start a new life, mother in law is she now my second mother or what? I’ll never be able to go out with my friends to have fun, because that is not what married people do. These thought are stupid and they only destroy the picture of your beautiful wedding. Get the most out of the wedding and let your wedding dress look exactly as you imagined it as a teenager. You will only wear it once so make sure you look like Cinderella.

With the lights on, you will show up on the carpet, and the main role is yours, so enjoy! The groom plays his role by the act of proposing and the wedding belongs to the female world only!

Maid of honor! What is expected:

It is expected from the maid of honor to create the atmosphere to cheer the newlyweds, married and unmarried friends and relatives. Among other things, it is not bad for her to be financially stable and to adequately pay for all her obligations. Regardless of whether the wedding is in a disco, fancy hotel or a rented restaurant, the safest option as to the wardrobe is black dress and high heels!

Bridesmaids/Friends! What is expected:

The friends on the wedding would have to walk through the restaurant as support, dance with the mother in law, be careful with the groom and constantly be present on the podium and dance with the bride.

Mother of the bride! What is expected:

Mothers are always either happy or sad, but they always cry. Maybe it’s better during the wedding not interact so much with the best manin order not to say something like ,,It is such a pity that my daughter did not marryher ex’’.

Mother in law! What is expected:

You can expect anything from the mother in law. Anything! Although they always have betrayed expectations, do not rub that into her face. Just let her do what she wants.