Top Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

DO you know the word “Metathesiophobia”? It refers to the fear of change, and most of the SEO experts and content marketers have this particular issue, because of algorithms updates and improvements. Now that Google has introduced machine language SEO gurus have been dwelling into the results. What’s going to happen? What should they do? And the best of all, Is SEO dead?

You can’t get better answer from anywhere than the best, and this post has quite a few reasons to believe SEO’s not dead, neither should the latest changes be feared. Since 2016 has just begun, it’s the best time to make our directions straight in the lights of the predictions from industry’s bests. Before you go check out the predictions, if you happen to be a business looking for help, search engine optimization expert Canda, like Webryzeis there to give your business a real boost.

What Top 10 Experts Believe?

1. Bruce Clay

According to Bruce Clay, 20-year SEO veteran:

  • Mobile devices are already surprising, but people are yet to see their magic later this year. They will surprise everyone with new wireless “attachments” and beat desktops comfortably.By the 4thQuarter this year, we will see an accelerated mobile use everywhere in the world.
  • Google remains the market king. Its revenues will grow exponentially. It will continueto prioritize ads above organic results. For some queries there will be 4 or fewer organic results well below the fold.
  • Local results will be given priority in all queries. This allows Google to increase PPC prices.
  • Apps that load web content will be the rage and Most users will find that “mobile friendly” is simply not enough.
  • Millennials will be influencing a massive web design surge.There will be a massive need for web redesign this year. HTML source code sites will be replaced by Javascript and CSS.So, SEO becomes much harder.
  • We will see the demise of link building as a prime influence in SEO.
  • Internet marketing becomes Internet advertising in order to survive.
  1. Duane Forrester

Duane Forrester sayspodcasts, HTTPS, and search from Amazon and Facebook will make an appearance.

  • Security will remain a hot topic as consumers wake up to the ongoing data-theft problem, but businesses will be slow to make changes due to the inherent costs involved.
  • Mobile will continue to see growth as Microsoft has launched Windows 10 for mobiles.
  • Podcasts will remain one of the favorite tools for marketers.
  • AI (artificial intelligence) will be a much hotter topic across search in 2016 with RankBrain in the scene.
  • There will be rumors and discussions about the launch of actual search engines from Facebook and Amazon.
  • Google will begin to level off while Bing will continue to grow. But, Yahoo not get the same attention from the users.
  • Round-ups will finally, thankfully, retire.
  1. David Szetela

According to David Szetela, as far as PPC marketing is concerned, Bing, Facebook and Instagram will lead.

  • Website owners will think seriously about mobile search strategies to entice their customers. There will be much more investment in mobile marketing campaigns than past. Emphasis will be on making consumer’s experience better.
  • 2016 will be the year Bing Ads search and display traffic will be seen by more advertisers as a viable platform.
  • Advertisers will invest more money into Facebook and Instagram.
  • PPC will be broken down into specific areas of expertise.
  • 2016 looks grim for Yahoo/Gemini.


4. Cindy Krum

Cindy Krum thinksmobile trends will also change in 2016.

  • We will see more ChromeCast logos in Google properties — potentially directly in the SERPS. Google is putting emphasis on videos and other media and cross-device behavior is quite visible.
  • SEO should strive to get exposure in the ChromeCast app.
  • App Streaming may be the way of the future – especially for entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc, which already really work best on WiFi. Moreover, App plugins will become more important.
  • Google Play, Google Music, YouTube, Google+ all seem to have some overlapping capabilities, and are sharing lots of data. So, there will be a lot of consolidation this year.

5. Larry Kim

CTO of WordStreambelieves that Facebook Messenger will be opened as a service.Meaning, developers will be able to build business applications on top of messenger to enable commerce activities. That’s quite possible because nearly 1 billion people use this app, mostly in mobile devices. Not all of them find filling out complicated e-commerce forms as something to enjoy.

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