Professional dog training services for your pet

People and dogs live together for more than 10,000 years. They cherished that relationship and it developed into one of the strongest partnerships between species.The dog training service Whitchurch-Stouffville offers only the best for its customers.

In many countries around the world dogs are kept to make a company or for specific tasks such as keeping the sheep safe.

In some countries it is proven that dogs are very valuable when it comes to helping blind, deaf or incompetent people making them livea complete and normal life.

The decision on having a dog should be carefully examined and understood because it involves taking full responsibility for their well – being by the owner. The dogs need company, balanced diet, exercises and veterinary care to stay healthy and happy. Regardless of the color, size or structure, all of them have these things in common and they are affectionate and loving towards human with whom they share this planet.

If your dog needs wants to go out a lot he needs a few things that will provide protection from the sun and the cold weather. The collar is a must. It must be adapted to its size, so it can have enough room to sit, lie down, and tilt. A free ventilation and something soft on which he can lay and will make him feel comfortable is also a must. If your dog needs to be tied up, it is best to use a long wireand allow him to move freely. Chains or ropes can cause meddling due to which the dog can be injured. No dog should be permanently tied up, it is better and more humane if it has separate area / room / in which the dog can freely move.

 Food and Water

In order to stay healthy and fit dogs need a healthy diet combined with protein and fiber. Domestic food is often not sufficient for maintaining a good body weight and muscle strength.
Sharp bones can often can be very dangerous for dogs if they get stuck in the throat or may cause serious problems if they are swallowed. Fresh water should be put in a clean bowl, every single day.

Dog Training

Proper exercises will help your dog stay in a good condition. Dogs become bored if they are kept for days in the yards or homes.

If dogs are kept in dirty conditions they can easily be attacked by ticks, fleas, lice and worms. You can help them stay healthy by asking the veterinarian for the procedure against these parasites. Also you can help your dog if you keep the bed clean.

Dogs are susceptible to many diseases that can be dangerous and very expensive to treat. The best way to protect your dog is to regularly clean them from worms (3-4) times a year and regularly vaccinate them against rabies and against the most common diseases (distemper, leptospirosis). Not only will it prevent the disease but it will already reflect a long term benefit and reduce the risk of other infections.