5 Good Reasons Why You Should Have Attended DWP Congress 2015

Weddings have got a lot more complicated and time consuming than before. The fact that we have connected with different parts of the world, we have so many choices and options to choose and implement in our lives. Since wedding is the best day of life, everyone wants to make it more special and unique by adding spectacular events, mind-blowing venues, attention-grabbing dresses, seasoned drinks and delicious food.

Viewing this as an opportunity to connect with worldwide customers, destination wedding planners congress was established few years back and has now inaugurated 2 successful meet-ups, including dress designers, artists, makeup gurus, planners, food suppliers, and venue owners from more than 40 countries. While, there is no doubt that vancouver indian destination wedding planning companies are best in the business, the rate at which this industry is flourishing makes it inevitable for every wedding planner to learn and expand his reach beyond national boundaries.

So, even though you’re one of the top destination wedding planners Vancouver has ever seen, you’re going to miss the DWP congress 2015 held in April so much because of the following reasons.

  1. Best Place To Connect With Pros

Regardless of the fact that you’re best in the business, you wouldn’t ignore how important it is to make connections. And DWP Congress is perhaps the biggest platform to sell your services. Connections add value and keep your profile high. You can seize the moment with partnerships, deals and more. So, if you missed it this time, better prepare for the next “Big Occasion”

  1. World is Your Stage

With more than 250 attendants from around the world gathered on one platform, you would have cornucopia of ideas and designs coming in. Here’s what you would have done:

  • Share ideas and get international exposure
  • Talk to some celebrities and design their upcoming weddings
  • Brainstorm ideas and come up with fresh pieces
  • Increase your revenues and clientele
  1. Brand and Credibility

One thing that you missed was an opportunity to create brand awareness. DWP Congress gives an opportunity to stage and market services throughout the world. In fact, it’s a one stop shop for everyone who’s interested in wedding. With promotional activities and aggressive marketing tactics offered by DWP Congress, you would have taken Indian destination wedding planner Vancouver brand to the next level.

  1. Source of Inspiration

It’s not just about making connections or marketing your brand. It’s also about getting relaxed at some far-fetched venues. The 3-day congress offered gala dinners, coolest receptions, 5-star lunches, themed parties and anything that could inspire you. It’s a complete package of relaxation and business, and you would surely have few ideas while heading back.

  1. Top-Class Content

Another thing that you missed is the list of top-notch names, industry leaders and great speakers. DWP Congress provided expert tips and suggestions from industry-leading pros and some of them were tailor made for you.

So, if you’re related to wedding planning industry, destination wedding planners congress offers something for everyone. Even if you’re not a pro, you may want to take such a remarkable experience back home.